Envision Your Ideal Life Like You’re Already Living It

Have you ever drifted off into a daydream of how you want your life would look?? 

It could be you are laying on a white sand beach with a large blue umbrella tilted perfectly to keep the sun off your laptop screen. You type away working on your review of the 5 star resort you have just been hosted at on some tropical island, while a butler brings you a shrimp cocktail with the perfect blend of horseradish and ketchup. 

Maybe you are on a tour for the book you just published that has been at the top of the New York Times best seller list for last 2 weeks in a row. You’re at a packed out conference center and have a long line of fans waiting to meet you. They hand you a variety of colors of Sharpie’s to sign your name on the cover of your book that they just purchased. (You can smell the Sharpie can’t you?)

Or it could be that you just finished planting flowers in the beds by your front door on the house you just purchased on acreage. Your kids are outside playing and spend the last few moments of daylight catching fireflies and watching the sun go down over the treetops in your expansive backyard. 

How many times do we tell ourselves that this is a waste of time?

Allyson Felix, a mama and the most decorated female Olympic track and field athlete in history, does this visualization practice as a part of her rigorous training schedule.  

“My typical training schedule is about six days a week, five hours a day. I approach it very seriously and also do some visualization, where I am really putting in mind [the results] I want to see. I ask myself, ‘What is the perfect race? How did things come together?’ Every four years I have this opportunity—for only about 21 seconds—to get it right. It can be a really big moment, so it’s just really about quieting my mind, closing my eyes, and really going through the motions of what the perfect race looks like. I find it’s helpful for me to run through what that looks like before I go into a very stressful situation. Just to almost be a part of the process as well.”
allyson felix, black and white wearing multiple Olympic medals
Allyson Felix
Mama, Olympic Track and Field Athlete

Does it still sound like a silly practice to you?

This is the first step for successfully creating your ideal life. 

This week, spend 10-15 minutes a day envisioning your ideal life like you’re  already living it. What do you see, hear and smell? Get specific. What does it feel like to you?

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