Hey Ya’ll

I’m Jill


I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful girls and currently pregnant with baby number 3. I am a Disney addict and a lover of Jesus. I live with my family in the countryside of Charlotte, NC.

I am passionate about helping mamas create a life they love.

Here, we’re focused on rediscovering our values, prioritizing ourselves, and creating our best, most fulfilled lives! All without sacrificing motherhood.

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Here we talk about…

Motherhood: Personal Growth, Values, Priorities and Passions
Health & Wellness: Mind, Body and Soul
Business Minded: Entrepreneurial Endeavors Including Blogging, Vlogging and Podcasting
Lifestyle: Southern Living, Relationships, and Raising Babies
Travel: Couples and Family Travel With Littles

My Story

I have worked with countless clients as a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the past 12 years with a specialty in prenatal and postpartum care. My desire to treat the whole person (mind and body) without the pressure of meeting metrics or insurance reimbursement criteria, left me feeling misaligned with my career.

I took the past three years to rediscover myself, redefine my values, and pursue new passions. I have dabbled in various forms of content creation which led me to JillGSutton.com, the Living Her Legacy podcast, and Josh And Jill On The Hill YouTube channel. (All while still holding a 9-5)

As a multi-passionate working mom who is equally devoted to both my career and to my family, I wanted to create a space for motivated mamas who are rediscovering themselves after starting a family and also provide tools and support for those who are seeking something new for themselves quite possibly for the first time in maybe a long time.

The primary focus is to encourage mamas to live life with intention and purpose. But most importantly to truly believe YOU ARE ENOUGH.


Frequently Asked Questions

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