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Hello! My name is Jill Sutton. I am a wife, a mother of two beautiful girls, a Disney addict and a lover of Jesus. I live with my family in the countryside of Charlotte, NC.

 I have worked with countless clients as a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the past 12 years with a specialty in prenatal and postpartum care. My desire to treat the whole person, mind and body, without the pressures of meeting metrics or insurance reimbursement criteria, lead me to creating JillGSutton.com and the Living Her Legacy Podcast.

As a working mom who is equally devoted to both my career and to my family, I want to create a space for motivated Mamas who are rediscovering themselves after starting a family.

The primary focus is to educate and encourage Mamas from all different backgrounds to live life with intention and purpose. But most importantly to truly believe YOU ARE ENOUGH.

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