Chunk It Down To Live Large

How To Create Your Ideal Life: Part 2

Have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘chunk it down’?

I hadn’t either.

The deeper I dive into this entrepreneurial lifestyle, the more I learn the lingo that goes along with it.

‘Chunk it down’ essentially means to brain dump everything you need and want to do, categorize all the items and attach purpose to their outcomes.

These 3 steps give you a clear vision and will spur you into action as the results and your sense of purpose are now tied to every un-seemingly important task. 

In part 1 of this series, you learned how to first envision your ideal life. You now have a big picture idea of what you want to accomplish and what you want your day to day life to look like.

The problem is, your current situation may seem far from the lifestyle you wish to have. 

There is so much that needs to happen to move you from Part A to Part B. It is in this middle segment where most dreams die.

Todd Henry, an author and founder of Accidental Creative,  a podcast and a company that works to foster creativity. In his book Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Everyday, he writes,

“The most valuable land in the world is the graveyard. In the graveyard are buried all of the unwritten novels, never-launched businesses, unreconciled relationships, and all of the other things that people thought, ‘I’ll get around to that tomorrow.’ One day, however, their tomorrows ran out.”

So what are we supposed to do?

This is where the phrase chunking it down comes into play. Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur and a world-famous life and business strategist who has helped over 50 million people. He states, 

“When we start feeling overwhelmed by what we need to get done, we do things like create to-do lists to feel more organized, but then become frustrated by the sheer number of things on the list before we even start tackling tasks. This often leads to the attempt to multitask, which fractures our attention even more.” 

Brain Dump

The first step to chunking it down is to write down everything that is on your mind and get it either on paper or on a list in your phone.

Write down all the things you want to accomplish as well as the things that need to get done. This is the dumping ground of chunking.

Now I love a list, but I often find I can never get enough accomplished to feel satisfied. Personally, this is where I usually stop but the chunking method continues. 


I can be Type A and hyper-organized or I can sit at a desk with papers stacked on either side of me with blinders on to the mess surrounding me.

Luckily, the second step of chunking isn’t organizing into categories such as what items to keep or throw away, but instead what category or group do the items on your to-do list fall under.

Grouping your to-dos into categories like health, relationships, work/career, finances and faith, make the list less daunting and easier to manage during your day.

Attach Purpose

When you look at each category on your to-do list, try to see them as clusters of your desired outcomes.

When you can get into the mindset of bringing your purpose to everything you do, you feel so inspired and will come up with a more effective action plan to achieve your desired outcomes.

“The reasoning behind the chunking method is that when you have a clear sense of purpose driving your actions, you’ll be more driven to do whatever it takes to succeed.” -Tony Robbins

Take Action

Now that you have your categories and can clearly see the potential of accomplishing these tasks, you can plug them into your self-established time blocks and get them done. 

Check out Part 1: Envision Your Ideal Life Like You’re Already Living It if you haven’t already and stay tuned for Part 3. 


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