Easy Toddler Easter Basket Ideas For Busy Moms

As a busy, working mom, I understand the time constraint around holidays.

Easter holds an especially tricky place in my heart as I am usually trying to maintain my sanity around such a Holy holiday. Here is just a few of the things that I am juggling and I know you are too.

  1. My kids are out of school, however, my work does not observe the holiday.
  2. I’m buying clothes that “coordinate” with everyone, for not only Easter Sunday, but also for school pictures.
  3. I feel the need to only teach my girls about Jesus and why this holiday matters as I know they will be bombarded with bunnies and eggs, while also just wanting to have fun and enjoy these times while they are young.

So here is what I am putting in my girls Easter baskets this year from Amazon and Walmart and you can get them too if you are interested.

NOTE: I am not theming the baskets nor do I put in fake grass, I just don’t have time for that.

Temporary Tattoos.  You can’t go wrong with temporary tattoos and toddlers. I bought this huge pack for Valentine’s Day and I’ll put a sheet of tattoo in each of their baskets.

Real Panties. My daughter is potty training which means we are washing a lot of tiny panties. She is so proud of herself and loves to have panties of her own.

Rain Boots. Queue April showers! They boots are fantastic. I buy a pair for my girls twice a year as they grow.

Disney Trading Pins. If you know me at all, you know I love Disney. I had a conversation on my last trip to Disney Wold with a woman working the concierge desk. She told me a family tradition of hers growing up was her parents put Disney trading pins in the hidden Easter eggs. As of this year, I have officially adopted that tradition.

Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Easter Mini Figure Capsules, Officially Licensed Kids Toys for Ages 3 Up, Gifts and Presents

Disney Mystery Easter Eggs. One more bit of Disney flare are these mystery eggs. They are filled with one of these Disney Jr. characters.

JBM Kids Knee Pads and Elbow Pads with Wrist Guards 3 in 1 Protective Gear Set for Children Outdoor Activities, Pink

Kids Elbow, Knee and Wrist Guards.  My girls were given roller skate for Christmas and now that the weather is getting warmer I need to equip them with some pads before they get outside. I liked these because they have a full fabric back and not just the straps so they are more secure during use.

I’ll be throwing in some sort of candy or chocolate but that’s it!!

Easy Toddler Easter basket ideas for you busy mama. I hope this helps.

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