12 Date Nights For The Year

One of the areas of my life that I am focusing more attention to this year is my relationships, specifically with my husband, Josh. Check out my post New Year Fresh Start for some of the specifics, as well as my other areas of focus.

Josh and I have been married for 8 years and our girls are ages 5 and 2. We are finally at a place where date nights are a little easier to arrange.

One year for Christmas, I pre-purchased a date a month for Josh and I to use throughout the coming year. It was pre-pandemic and pre-kids so looking back now, it was not all too difficult to put together.

At that time, you could purchase something in advance and be pretty certain that you would be able to take the trip or attend the event a few months down the road.

While we are getting closer and closer to that expectancy again, it is nearly impossible to purchase a ticket for an event a year in advance today.

Since Josh has often said this was one of his most favorite gifts, I set out to do it again. So I am compiling a list of 12 date ideas that we are going on this year.

Date #1 Brunch

The girls are having their first sleep over together with their Aunt Kellie. This not only will allow Josh and I to have a Friday night together but also sleep in and go out to eat on Saturday. Breakfast burritos and French toast is calling my name.

Date #2 Social house

Several social house and game club facilities have popped up in Charlotte over the past few years. Josh and I are both highly competitive so this will bring out a friendly challenge. I think we will try ax throwing first, but we do also like darts, giant Jenga, corn hole.

Date #3 Movies

Believe it or not, Josh and I have seen less than 10 movies together in the entire 15 years we have been together! Crazy right?  I have heard a Hunger Games movie is expected later in 2023 and I can’t wait to get some popcorn and a Diet Coke.

Date #4 Couples Massage

This is such a treat! Josh and I go once a year and I am always shocked when he requests we go again. There is just something about being totally pampered.

Date #5 Dinner

Classic date night out but one that has such a different vibe without kids in tow. We look for a new restaurant to try during Charlotte’s Queen’s Feast– a week of Prix Fixe menus at some of Charlotte’s swankier restaurants.

Date #6 Museum

Check your local museum to see if an exhibit that interests you is coming soon. I am a huge science nerd so anything that can fit under that subject is something I’d love to go and see.

Date #7 Sporting Event

It doesn’t matter what the sport nor the level of competition, we like it all. One year we saw the Harlem Globetrotters and another year we went to a Carolina Panther’s football game.

Date #8 Artsy Class

We went glass blowing one year and I was a bit intimidated to be honest. I had no idea what we were getting into, but we had a private class just the two of us and the instructor walked us through the whole process of making a stemless wineglass and a decorative bowl.

Date #9 Water Activities

We love going stand up paddle boarding, not only do you get outside in the fresh air and sunshine but it’s also an excellent workout. Other water activities include kayaking, canoeing, getting an inner tube and floating a river, fishing, or boating.

Date #10 Cooking Class

Most major cities have a few options for a cooking class. My advise is to eat before you go as it takes time to prepare and cook the meal and you don’t want to be hangry.

Date #11 Tourist Traps

We absolutely love to go to aquariums, zoos and theme parks. This is awesome if you are a roller coaster enthusiast or want to spend a day at a water park. We love a leisurely stroll through a zoo on a cool spring morning. If the weather is too hot, an aquarium is a great place to stay cool.

Date #12 Performing Arts

I was a huge concert junkie growing up. I went to almost every Saves The Day and Dashboard Confessional concert that came to Portland, Oregon. I still love hearing live music or any performing arts for that matter. Every year my family attends the Nutcracker ballet and I’m hoping to catch a Cirque de Soleil coming to town this year.

There are so many more date ideas. Drop any you know of in the comments below and I’ll put together another list in the future.

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