Stretch Assignment: 3 Things I’m Good At

text reads stretch assignment: 3 things i'm good at

A stretch assignment is an extra task meant to mold you into a great leader and develop your interpersonal skills. Usually these stretch assignments are associated within an office setting to help you get prepared for a possible promotion.

I’ve started doing stretch assignments in my personal life to challenge myself and deepen my relationships with others.


Use the template below and send to at least 3 friends. Feel free to change up the wording and make it more personalized.

Hey _____,

I really appreciate your friendship and I’m wondering if you might share three things that come to mind that you think I am good at? I’d love your perspective if you have a moment!

I want to share three things I think you’re incredible at too:

Thank you, 

I’d love to hear your experience after you complete this task.

Please share in the comments below.

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