My Blogging Challenge

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I’m a mama who juggles countless responsibilities, but one thing I am passionate about is entrepreneurship and finding ways to generate additional income while staying true to my family’s needs.

Two years ago, I started this blog but was quickly distracted with other endeavors and tasks. (I’m sure you other mamas can relate) Recently, I’ve decided to dive headfirst back into the world of blogging, with a goal of maintaining a consistent routine for the next 40 weeks.

Why 40 weeks?

This is no magic number I’ve heard is necessary to gain traction blogging, but this is my personal timeline. I have 12 weeks until baby 3 comes into the world followed by 16 weeks of maternity leave from my full time job. My plan is to go back to return to that position for 12 weeks and then assess if blogging is something that can sustain me and my family.

Maybe you are wondering if you can create an income blogging? Join me on this exciting journey as I explore the potential of blogging as a source of income while sharing everything I go through with you!

Building a Blog Business

Before diving into this blogging experiment, I knew I needed to lay a solid foundation for success. This meant creating a content calendar to guide my efforts.

My goal is to write 1 blog post a week for the next 40 weeks. In order to reach more people, I plan to create 5 Pinterest posts with the intention of gaining an audience with those that are interested in reading my content. With a clear focus and strategy in place, I felt confident that I could make the most of the next 40 weeks.

Blogging has definitely come with its challenges. When I initially started the blog in the summer of 2022, I didn’t know that God would open the doors to not only the podcasting world but to YouTube as well. This challenged my blogging as I I started my mama podcast, Living Her Legacy, and I am happy to say I published my 68th consecutive weekly episode this week. I love podcasting so much and connecting with other women however it has definitely pulled me away from blogging. Not to mention, I found myself learning about long form video content with YouTube and started up our family vlog, Josh And Jill On The Hill.

These other endeavors have definitely pulled me away from blogging consistently but the beauty of having your own blog is you can make it what you want. Two years after starting this blog, I have found it to be the perfect home for my ideas, podcast and Youtube channel. After all, I am a multi-passionate mama and I know you are too.

You can read about many mama’s stories who have turned their blog into a full time 6-figure business. I’m only hoping for a fraction of that success. I know that you want to bring a better life to yourself and to your family just like I do. So let’s get down to business and do this together.

Join Me On My Blogging Journey

As I continue with my 40 week blogging challenge, I invite you to join me every step of the way. Whether you’re a fellow mama looking to boost your income or simply curious about the world of blogging, there’s something here for everyone. Together, lets explore the power of consistency, perseverance, and passion in pursuit of our goals.

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