I’m Starting A Blog

i'm starting a blog

After working with countless clients as a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the past 12 years, I decided to become a specialist in prenatal and postpartum care.

My desire to treat the whole person, mind and body, without the pressures of meeting metrics or insurance reimbursement criteria, lead me to creating JillGSutton.com

For most people, attending physical therapy is ordered by a doctor when recovering from an injury or illness. It is often a prescription for the sick.

It is seldom prescribed around child birth, despite the drastic change to your body.

As a working-mom who is equally devoted to my career as well as to my family, I personally experienced this lack in our society and felt moved into action.

I want to create a space for all Mamas who are rediscovering themselves, reaffirming their values and maybe even pursuing a new passion.

My Vision

For working mother’s everywhere to be the best version of themselves, to live a life they are proud of, with intention, and to demonstrate their values to their children.

We only have one life to live and what we do on this earth leaves a lasting impression to those who love us and beyond. I want every woman to feel that she is living her legacy.

My mission

To create a community of motivated career-driven Mamas who are willing to stretch themselves both mentally and physically.

To have authentic and real conversations about the healing that takes place after child birth and the life-change that is a woman becoming a mother.

To provide resources on setting healthy boundaries and instilling habits to create a mindset of worthiness and self-love.

Thank you for being here!

-Jill G Sutton

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