How To Unplug As A Working Mom

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You are a career-driven woman and at the same time you are also a mom.  How do you demonstrate your own personal work-life balance?

It is something most people claim to value, but have a difficult time putting into practice.

What example are you currently giving to your children in this area? Are you guilty of glorifying the hustle culture and putting in hours of work off the clock? Or are you confident in setting firm boundaries and expectations in your work-life, that not only commands respect but also displays your worth.

I’ve been a physical therapist for the past 12 years. During the first 5 years, I was working with clients in a clinic or hospital setting where work stayed at work. I worked in home health care the second set of 5 and brought my charting home with me. This is where the lines started to blur between work and home.

Currently, I work from home and have to be very intentional about disconnecting from work and being present with my family.

Here are 4 tips for how to unplug as a working mom.

  1. Clock out.

You may work a steady 9-5, you may be salaried, or you might work freelance. Maybe you are an entrepreneur or small business owner. One thing’s for certain, you are a working mother. Be intentional about your work hours. When they are done, put your work away for another time.

  1. Set Electronic Boundaries.

Let others know that you will be unavailable during certain hours and that you can catch up with them at a later time in the evening or even the next day! Tell them you are purposefully disconnecting from your phone or computer and spending that time with your family, distraction free. Then put your device in another room so you aren’t tempted to sneak a peak.

  1. Start Small.

Try to put these tools into practice just 2 days a week and work up to more. You may find it causes some anxiety to be away from your phone or email for a few hours a day. Trust me, this is a healthy step and you will get better if you put in the practice.

  1. Enjoy.

Everyone wants to feel connection and those closest to you deserve your undivided attention. Use this time to really play with your kids, go outside for a walk, or if you live in our house… read all the books. Once the kids are in bed, spend some time with your significant other. I guarantee they will appreciate it too!

Remember, your emails and phone calls are only a room away. Not everyday is going to be perfect, but be motivated by what you demonstrate to your children.

Do your kids see you as available when you are ‘off the clock?’ Are you constantly telling them, “just a minute” or “let me just check this one thing”?

We’ve all been there. Take a breath, write down what you can realistically start doing this week, and try it.


We are here for you.

Living Her Legacy,

-Jill G Sutton

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