Consistency Creates Habits

At some point when raising kids, you teach them to set out their clothes and backpacks the night before school so they are more prepared for success the next morning. This limits the feelings of stress and anxiety if something were to go missing 5 minutes before heading out the door.

You teach them this technique to hopefully instill in them some responsibility and good habits that will set them up for success.

I am doing just that in my own life this year. Every evening, when I clock out at work, I am getting things ready for the next morning. This is to hold myself accountable to the lifestyle changes I want to implement this year.

I start with clearing my desk and then setting out my Bible and my printed Mantra, my vitamins and a water bottle, and the handle to my ice roller. I know it sounds strange but hear me out.

Now, every morning, when I sit at my desk I don’t have to try to remember all the little things I’m wanting to start being consistent in because they are right there, in front of me, in plain sight.

We continue to do what we reinforce.

I love a good morning routine and I know that how you spend the first part of your day matters.

Reading my Bible daily and starting every morning with positive affirmations is something I have wanted to do but have struggled to be consistent. It’s the same story for drinking enough water throughout the day and taking care of my body (yes my skin is showing its age).

It’s been hard for me to do those things every day, but I know what changes I can make to help me be more successful.

Setting myself up for success the night before means giving myself every opportunity to form the habits that I want to become second nature.

It’s getting away from relying on my brain to remember and implement the new action somewhere in my day. It’s prioritizing these changes that I know are important and will benefit me.

What methods do you use to start new habits? What techniques have you trialed to set yourself up for success?

Let me know in the comments below!

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