Laid Off While Pregnant

me wearing n95 mask and black scrubs

My blog is brand new and so are all of you reading this! I wanted to share a bit about myself and how I have come to blogging. It started years ago but it wasn’t until I was laid off while pregnant that I really got to work on my blog.

I’ve always been career driven. I like tangible ways to measure my effort and working, gives me that satisfaction. 

I received my doctorate of physical therapy shortly after turning 25. I love the world of physical therapy but over the past decade it has been hard to ignore that the field has changed. 

Too many of my colleagues complain about burn out, working countless hours off the clock, and even having a pay cut.


In 2020, I was working as a home health physical therapist. I was paid per visit. As the pandemic started ramping up, the number of visits available for me to schedule began to dwindle. I was barely making enough each week to cover my benefits. 

                          Then I got the call.                                                 

                                                I had been laid off. 

Our company could no longer maintain the current number of employees and they had to make large cuts 2 quarters in a row. 

I was panicked.

                   Here I was, 20 weeks pregnant, in the beginning of what was unknowingly going to be a two year pandemic and I had lost my job. 

I frantically started looking for another position, but ultimately what made the most sense, was to stay home with my 2-year-old daughter until after our second baby was born. 


I had always wanted to see what it was like to be a stay-at-home mom. It’s a way of life I never thought I would experience.

While working, I would see people flood out of the library after the toddler reading sessions and feel somewhat sad, thinking ‘I will never be that mom.’ I would never participate in Mom’s Morning Out, or the 10 AM swim lessons during the week.

Well, now I had my chance.

April 2020, I was now a stay at home mom! Except the library wasn’t open, the YMCA was closed down, you couldn’t even go play outside on a playground.

mom kissing baby head after giving birth in hospital bed
This photo was taken by attaching my phone to the hospital rail using a baby monitor mount. Click the picture for a link.

Esme was born over Labor Day weekend. Wearing a mask was mandatory at all times when hospital staff were present. I was not allowed any visitors. Even after going home, the pediatrician recommended no visitors for the first 3 months.


To say that I was robbed of the full experience of stay-at-home mom life would be an understatement.

Nevertheless, I learned a lot.

Being a stay-at-home mom is a tough gig. The constant demand is draining. There are literally no breaks. Unrealistic expectations are placed on whomever is staying at home with the kids. This can be crushing if not addressed. 

I discovered that I love being a mom and I love being a working mom. The extended time off while pregnant and after having Esme was wonderful. I found a dream job that I started February of 2021. Esme was 5 months old, and I felt much more comfortable having her in daycare at that age. Looking back, although it was scary, being laid off while pregnant was a wonderful blessing.

To all you stay-at-home moms and dads out there… Cheers and more power to you. You are a super hero for sure. 

Share your story below if you had a pandemic baby or career change in the past two years!

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