50 | Billy Ivanova, On Giving Yourself Grace To Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential

Living Her Legacy
Living Her Legacy
50 | Billy Ivanova, On Giving Yourself Grace To Unlock Your Child's Full Potential

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Today on the podcast, I'm blessed to speak with Billy Ivanova.

A former flight attendant, Billy is a mom of 3 girls and her mission is to raise them to be good humans, happy and fulfilled adults.

She is a big believer in parenting with intent – thinking a few years ahead and imagining the adults we want our children to grow into.

What values do we want to instill, what skills do we want to teach, what worldview do we want them to have? 

Realizing the huge responsibility we as parents have to give our children a head start in life and teach them some basic principles of success, Billy started her podcast called Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential. 

Her goal is to  help moms feel confident and prepared to teach their children the life skills not taught in school and to support them with specific tools to put into practice.


INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/your_childs_full_potential/

WEB : www.unlockyourchildsfullpotential.com

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Living Her Legacy

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