11 | Charis Pastor, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, On Helping Mamas Transition From Perfectionism To Nurturing Curiosity And Self-Compassion

Living Her Legacy
Living Her Legacy
11 | Charis Pastor, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, On Helping Mamas Transition From Perfectionism To Nurturing Curiosity And Self-Compassion

Today I talk with Charis Pastor, a licensed clinical therapist with advanced training in cognitive behavioral therapy and in trauma treatments such as EMDR and Cognitive Processing Therapy. She is a wife and a Mama and is passionate about serving women; helping them to transition from perfectionism to self compassion. She and her sister have a podcast titled The Therapy Sisters with the mission to help women grow into who they are truly meant to be.
As Mentioned In Episode: 
For an EMDR clinician: https://www.emdria.org/find-an-emdr-therapist/
For CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy), which is a focused trauma treatment for specific traumatic events:  https://cptforptsd.com/cpt-provider-roster/

Charis Pastor is an independently licensed clinical therapist with over 15 years of providing therapeutic counseling services. She works both in private practice and as a cognitive behavioral therapist for Lyra Health. She specializes in anxiety, trauma and working with women’s issues and has advanced training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and in trauma treatments like EMDR and Cognitive Processing Therapy. Recently, along with her sister who is also a clinical therapist, she began a podcast for women, inviting them to come home to their authentic selves and is passionate about helping women transition from self judgmental perfectionism to nurturing curiosity and self-compassion.

EMAIL: Thetherapysisters@gmail.com

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