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Living Her Legacy

Hey Mama,

Come join this community of like-minded women who are craving something more. Motivated Mamas who want to live their best life, filled with purpose and intention.

I see you. You have a full plate and most likely everything you are balancing is important to YOU.

You may be feeling a shift in your priorities since starting your family. Your relationships with your significant other and children are more important, your time is more valuable, and your changing passions may lead you to a big move.

You may be struggling to allow yourself to adopt this new identity.

You are in the right place my friend.

Let’s become each others champion and promote each other to be LIVING  HER  LEGACY 


-Jill G Sutton

What You Can Expect:

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Relating to personal development in the areas of self-care, relationships and career.

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Weekly emails keeping us connected and delivering steps and strategies to live your best life.


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